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Marco Lucchesi


Marco Lucchesi was born in Pisa, Tuscany. Since he was a young kid, Marco was immersed into the wine and food culture that dominates the Italian lifestyle. His parents owned and operated a small restaurant in Pisa where he began his love affair with great food and great wines. Growing up in an Italian wine family with a father sommelier who dedicated all his life to wines and wine regions in Europe, Marco was expected to understand the basic foundations of wines and wine making, including doing his fair share of the work at harvest time. He worked his first harvest at the age of 13.

Rooted in some kind of sense of antiquity, the Italian ways of his youth still hold firm and foremost in Marco's approach to winemaking and viticulture.

Formally trained and educated in Napa Valley, Marco worked at Trefethen Winery and Vineyards, Laird Family Estate and Judd Hill.

In 2014 he created his own wine label, Section Wines, specializing in Bordeaux, Italian and Rhone varietals from the Santa Barbara County wine regions. While Marco’s winemaking is founded in the style of the old world, his approach to branding is quite modern and intertwines his love of music and art with the beautiful flavors of the wine.

Marco's philosophy to making great wines starts in the vineyard-

“In winemaking the magic starts in the vineyard, grows in the barrel, blossoms in the glass”.

Katie Thompson


As a former Dressage Champion and trainer, Katie, has always been a woman led by determination and a wonderful sense of adventure. These qualities combined with her interest of wine led to her purchase of a small vineyard in Camarillo. Katie and Marco were introduced and a perfect partnership blossomed. Marco's insight and expertise in developing and managing Katie's vineyard has led to her invaluable support of Section Wines.

Section Wines  is a place to gather, create, share, and inspire. Making wines with thoughtful passion, and building relationships with artistic appreciation, we hope you'll join us on our journey.

Section Wines was created by good friends in the spring of 2014.  Our simple goal was showcase the terroir of Santa Barbara County through Marco Lucchesi's traditional wine making styles.  Likewise, we aimed to set winemaker Marco Lucchesi on a path toward his fulfilling life long dreams of making amazing wines; Wine is his art, passion, and his life long muse; Marco's true vocation has always been to work with wine. Born in Tuscany and formally trained in Napa, Marco, is constantly evolving as a winemaker as he adds new varietals and blends every year. Our Rhone, Bordeaux, and Tuscan blends aim to embrace, not only the bio-dynamically, sustainably farmed fruits of the Santa Barbara wine regions, but also to showcase the Tuscan in his blood and the Santa Barbara County wine region in his heart. With a micro team under his close direction and with his full support,  we have set out on a mission to hand craft amazing wines from Santa Barbara County and share them with the world.