Marco Lucchesi was born in Pisa, Tuscany.

It was there, as a young child, he was immersed in the culture that traditionally dominates Italian lifestyle --- food and wine. His parents owned and operated a small restaurant in Pisa, and that is where Marco began his love affair with great food and the finest wines.

Growing up with a father who was a sommelier and someone that dedicated his life to wines and wine regions in Europe, Marco was expected to understand the basic foundations of the industry. This of course led to Marco doing his fair share of the work during harvest season, having worked his first harvest at the age of 13.

Rooted in some sense of antiquity, the Italian ways of his youth still hold firm in Marco's approach to winemaking and viticulture. Formerly trained and educated in Napa Valley, Marco worked at Trefethen Winery and Vineyards, Laird Family Estate and Judd Hill before launching Section Wines.